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Custom-Created Soft Robotics
World Leader In Manufacturing Of Electro Active Polymers EAPs, Artificial Muscles and IPMC's
The Home of Ionic Polymer Metal Composites (IPMCs), Polymeric Nanocomposites and Biomimetic Soft Artificial Muscles - Biomimetic Soft Robotic Actuators, Sensors, Energy Harvesters, & Stimuli-Responsive Materials

Nanobots, Transducers, Artificial Muscles & More

The old Environmental Robots Inc. (ERI) of Bangor, ME, is now BiomimeticProducts LLC that used to be and is a world leader when it comes to the manufacturing, research and development, and sales of ionic polymeric metal composites (IPMCs), ionic polymeric conductor nanocomposites, and artificial muscles. We also make custom-ordered IPMC robotic soft actuators, energy harvesters, and sensors for all academic, engineering, industrial, medical, and scientific applications. Our nanorobots, nanotransducers, energy harvesters, power augmenters, and polymeric, artificial muscles are essentially bio-compatible for medical applications and are MRI-compatible because of quality platinum electrodes. Send us an email to, 




Choose from our extensive list of fantastic products or describe to us what you would like. We look forward to serving you.

Watch Our Polymeric Muscles Videos

Please see the fantastic videos listed below of polymeric muscles in air and in particular, the world's first pair of undulating wings in air:

Jelly Fish/Squid Videos

See the amazing ionic polymer-metal composite (IPMCs) products on our products page. ERI will work with any company, organization, or university towards product development for domestic, industrial, or medical applications. Artificial jelly fish/squid can be used for underwater energy harvesting, propulsion, biomimetic robotic swimming, and environmental data collection.

MicroCatheter Videos

In these following videos, we use MicroCatheter/Guidewire distal tip benders/steerers in a saline solution to simulate blood for endovascular and cardiovascular surgery using fluoroscopy. See these videos to see them in action:

Watch Them All!

Watch these vidoes and more on our Youtube Channel.

Interested in seeing other videos on artificial muscles? Visit the Home of Artificial Muscle Research Initiative (AMRI)

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Please note that on our webpage Environmental Robots is the old company that was replaced by BiomimeticProducts LLC. The old address is also replaced by the above new address.